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Board Training: "Roles, Risks & Rewards - 
The 3Rs for Co-op Boards"

“Roles, Risks and Rewards—The Three R’s for Co-op Boards” is a six-hour seminar that will build your co-op knowledge and show you how to work together as a board. The 3Rs Program assists board members in developing excellence in governance right at their own cooperative! Who should participate? Housing co-op board members, management and anyone interested in co-op governance

Download and complete the two-part information packet, with the program information sheet and application, to begin the program process. Contact the NAHC office for a list of available presenters via email or phone at (202) 737-0797.

3Rs Information Packet
Areas of Focus
  • Explain different goals and purposes for cooperatives, and understand reasons that people enter into cooperatives and how boards must support them
  • Follow your bylaws and other legal documents
  • Execute board responsibilities ethically
  • Operate under a common business philosophy
  • Examine different reasons that members become board members
  • Review reasons for the development of goals by members and how the board must work with members to achieve those goals
  • Discuss threats to the cooperative and the board’s role in mitigating them
  • Examine your co-op’s six basic legal documents
  • Discuss the elements of each co-op document and how each regulates co-op operations
  • Review the four categories of board responsibilities
  • Examine the basic activities and resources used for sound financial planning, analysis and management
  • Review the National Association of Housing Cooperatives’ “Director’s Code of Ethics”
  • Discuss unethical board member behavior
  • Examine the impact to the board, community and the image of co-op housing of unethical board member behavior
  • Draft action plans to govern more effectively
Your housing cooperative deserves the best board possibleWorkshop Clip Art
Just like you, your fellow members call your housing co-op
"Home." And they’ve elected you to represent them on your
Cooperative’s Board of Directors. But when it comes to
making decisions on capital improvements, finances or
management, do you have a clear understanding of board
responsibilities? As a cooperative board member, you are a
leader in your cooperative community. This seminar will
assist you in understanding how you can partner your
leadership skills with your other board member’s skills to
develop a healthy cooperative community. That’s why the National Association of Housing
Cooperatives has created a day-long workshop to train directors how to successfully
govern their housing co-op.
An Opportunity to Learn!
Our specially trained instructors will demonstrate successful governance through interactive
discussions, review exercises and hands-on activities. We’ll conduct our “Roles, Risks and
Rewards—The Three R’s for Co-op Boards” seminar at your co-op, referencing your
organization’s documents, financing and restrictions.

Our seminar is broken into three modules. In the first, you’ll receive an overview of co-op board governance and learn why boards govern. The second will explore governance resources and how boards govern. In the third, you’ll cover governance responsibilities by looking at what boards do and discussing their duties. The seminar will also show you how to work with your members. You’ll learn ways to develop and implement goals to enhance your community and increase its value. By the end of the day, you’ll have the knowledge you need to become a successful, effective member of your co-op’s board.

For further information contact us via email or phone at (202) 737-0797.