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Registered Cooperative 
Manager (RCM) Program

Here's what recently certified RCM's have to say about the program: 
“Workbooks, discussions- the entire session was extremely helpful."
“The knowledge from the trainer was awesome!”
“There is no other organization geared specifically to co-ops and we can improve
our skills and offer experiences to others.”

About The RCM Program
The RCM program builds upon the work of cooperative housing management and helps the 
profession achieve ever-increasing higher professional standards, expectations, and rewards.
The designation is awarded to managers who meet the RCM standards of excellence,
understanding, and achievement in the area of cooperative housing management following
participation in a series of courses, then pass certification exams. RCM course topics provide
exciting insight into housing cooperatives and help develop skills necessary for a successful
career in management. The courses refine the understanding of housing cooperatives, renew
dedication to the principles of cooperative housing, codify the ethics of cooperative housing
management, and improve housing management practices.
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The Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) Certification
program is the only nationally-recognized designation and
certification specializing in Cooperative Management
recognized by the Registered in Apartment Managers (RAM
program). RCM is a sought-after professional designation
for cooperative housing managers.
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Information on the RCM Program
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The REGISTERED COOPERATIVE MANAGER (RCM) program is an affiliate of the National
Association of Housing Cooperatives