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The Nation's Leading Advocate for Cooperative Housing
NAHC Membership Benefits and Services

The NAHC 2013 Membership Packet provides complete information.

Our Services
NAHC provides expanded services to its members. Many of these services are available only to members. On other services, members receive a substantial discount.

Our government relations program represents housing cooperatives on issues of mutual concern before Congress and federal agencies. NAHC has scored several victories in the past such as the American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act, and the Bankruptcy Reform Bill. We will continue to monitor issues and keep our members up-to-date on the latest legislation, regulations, and issues that involve housing cooperatives.

NAHC provides access to a network of housing cooperatives, cooperative housing associations, and professionals through its website, email blasts and meetings. An updated list of NAHC Professional Members is available on the website.

The Cooperative Housing Bulletin (CHB) our quarterly newsletter contains timely articles and news items. Past issues of our Cooperative Housing Journal with articles of lasting value are available in the Members Only section in a searchable format. Publications on various aspects of housing cooperative operations and development are also available.

Technical Assistance
We offer technical assistance by telephone, email, and other means to members on the development and operation of housing cooperatives. In-depth consulting services can be arranged for a fee.

Pharm Card - with ShadowFree Pharmacy cards
The Cooperative Healthy Savings (CHS) Program is for families living
in NAHC member
cooperatives. The Cooperative Healthy Savings
Program provides pharmacy discounts that make getting
prescriptions simple and more affordable.
The NAHC Annual Conference is our premier educational event. Held every Fall, the three-day
conference offers both beginning and advanced workshops on a wide range of topics. NAHC
co-sponsors a
Registered Cooperative Manager (RCM) certification training program at each
Annual Conference. NAHC offers a customized training workshop,
“Risks, Roles & Responsibilities”
on a fee basis to Boards of Directors of cooperatives. This program is designed to meet the
specific needs of each individual cooperative and is facilitated by highly skilled trainers.

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Purchase Discounts
NAHC is always looking for unique ways to provide discounts for our members. For example, through our arrangement with GE/Hotpoint, NAHC members are eligible to receive discounts on major appliances. Contact Pam Stipes at GE at 1-800-782-8031.

Register your Coop
One member.one.vote.one domain. NAHC's members can benefit from Dotcoop since it is available only to cooperative and credit union members. It gives your cooperative a better chance of registering all the memorable, meaningful names you wanted, but couldn't get under other domains. For more information click the dotcoop logo.

Membership Dues
NAHC dues are based on membership categories. Cooperatives and professionals can join directly or through a members association. To join directly, just fill out the membership application and send it along with your dues payment.

Joining Through a Member Association
Housing cooperatives and professionals are encouraged to join NAHC through a member association. Many associations also accept mutual housing associations, condos, and other forms or resident-controlled housing. The dues amount for housing co-ops that join through a member association depends on the size of the member association. Member associations collect dues for their own association and for NAHC. Benefits of joining through a member association are: additional information and training, and the opportunity to be involved at a regional level. To join through a member association, please contact the association. A listing of member associations is provided below.

NAHC Member Associations include:
California Association of Housing Cooperatives (CAHC)
Connecticut Valley Cooperative Housing Association (CHANE)
Cooperative Services Incorporated (CSI)
Council of New York Cooperatives (CYNC)
Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives & Condominiums (FNYC)
Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives (MAHC)
New Jersey Federation of Housing Cooperatives (NJFHC)
Potomac Association of Housing Cooperatives (PAHC)
Southeast Association of Housing Cooperatives (SAHC)

Please contact the NAHC office if you have any questions. You may reach us via email or phone (202) 737-0797.