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NAHC's 2011 Conference
Post Conference Notes

2011 Photo 33

Check out photos from the 2011 Conference!
 2011 Conference IYC photo

Read about the Resolution on the International Year of Cooperatives passed at the 2011 Conference 

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NAHC 2011 Puerto Rico 

The 2011 Conference Program includes:

Board of Directors and Management

  • Duties of the Secretary Beyond Minute Taking
  • Evaluating Board Performance/Governance
  • Working with Aging Membership
  • New Board Member Training
  • Evaluating Management: What Does Good Management Look Like?
  • How to Solve Board and Member Conflicts
  • Real World Team Building

Communications and Marketing to Enhance Your Co-Op

  • Facilitating Meetings and Your Perfect Annual Meeting
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Who Are We and Where Are We Going: Exploring the concept of “mission” in your housing cooperative


  • Refinance: Yes/No/Maybe
  • Basics for Treasurers
  • NAHC New Member Benefits
  • Financial Aspects of Strategic Planning
  • Improving Your Operations

Cooperatives Ethics

  • Bed Bugs - How to Find Them and Get Rid of Them
  • Technology and your Cooperative - Going "Paperless"
  • Cooperative Connections
  • Preventative Maintenance & Curb Appeal
  • Section 3 Requirements
  • Knowing your Regulatory and Legal Issues

Fair Housing Laws

  • Lobbying 101
  • The Cooperative As An Employer
  • Working with HUD
  • Developers Forum
  • Hot Legal Topics in Cooperative Housing
  • Attorneys Roundtable

Registered Cooperative Managers You must be an RCM to attend all but RCM Class Overview

  • Professional Interactions Part I: Legal Responsibilities to the Cooperative; HUD Regulatory Requirements; Fair Housing Laws/ADA
  • Professional Interactions Part II: Auditing Principles; Municipal Offices; Permits/Sworn Statements/Waivers of Lien
  • Community/Staff/Board Interactions: Your Role with the Board; How to be a Manager and Supervise Staff; Conflict Resolution
  • RCM Roundtable
  • RCM Class Overview (Open to all!)