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The Nation's Leading Advocate for Cooperative Housing
Board of Directors 

About the Board of Directors

2013-2014 Board

The National Association of Housing Cooperatives
membership is governed by a national volunteer
Board of Directors, which guides the policy of the
organization. At the Annual Meeting of Members,
held each year in conjunction with the NAHC
Annual Conference, members vote on policy issues
and elect individuals to serve on the NAHC board
of directors. In addition, NAHC's member
associations each appoint one to four board
members each, depending on the size of the
member association. Members may request a
copy of the NAHC bylaws by contacting the
NAHC office via phone (202) 737-0797, fax
(202) 216-9646 or email at info@nahc.coop.

Board Eligibility: To be eligible to run for a
position on the NAHC Board of Directors, a
candidate must be a representative of a housing
co-op that is either a direct member or a member
through an association, or be an individual
member or designated representative of a member
firm or organization. Candidates do not need to be
present at the Annual Meeting to run for a seat on
the board of directors. For information contact
the NAHC office via phone (202) 737-0797, fax
(202) 216-9646 or email at info@nahc.coop.


Ralph Marcus
Gregory Carlson
Vice President
Fred Gibbs
Anne Hill
Linda Brockway


Tony Beck
Richard Berendson
Jackie Brown
Donna Marie Curvin
Leon Y. Geoxavier

Karen Harvey
Blaine Honeycutt
Hugh Jeffers
Charlotte Lann
Barbara Loatman

Randall Pentiuk

Alfred Reynolds
Norma Robinson
Mary Ann Rothman
Stephen Sarine
Mark Shernicoff
Stephen Somuah
Hope Turner
Billie J. Walker
Ruthie Wilder
Roger Willcox
Kimalee Williams